Sister in tow

During the week of August 26-30, 2014, my sister Pauline of Aliso Viejo, CA came to see us.

8-26 Seattle with PBD (1)
We stayed overnight at the Marriott. As you can see, we had a room with a view and dancing with joy.
8-26 Seattle with PBD (2)
Sister time, lunch time. Enjoying chowder and company.
8-26 Seattle with PBD (5)
I’m not sure if they sell fish here….
8-26 Seattle with PBD (6)
Exhibit A: Gum
8-26 Seattle with PBD (7)
Chew, chew, chew. Ready to launch.
8-26 Seattle with PBD (8)
Free space spotted!
8-26 Seattle with PBD (9)
She left a piece of her at Gum Alley. (I was grossed out the entire time. Gagging.)
8-27 Biscuit lunch Seattle (1)
We ate at a restaurant that mainly served biscuit. We were seated overlooking the bakery downstairs.
8-27 Biscuit lunch Seattle (2)
While waiting for our order, we watched staff stir, pour, knead and bake. It was very entertaining.
8-27 Biscuit lunch Seattle (10)
Owen’s biscuit and gravy.
8-27 Biscuit lunch Seattle (11)
My sister ordered fried chicken, fried egg over biscuit and gravy. You can’t see it, but it’s on a clear plate.
8-27 Duck tour Seattle (12)
We went on a city tour. This bus went on land and water. A bonus for Owen!


8-27 Duck tour Seattle (4)
I’m afraid of water and being on this lake had me worried.
8-27 Duck tour Seattle (5)
Seattle is something else…
8-27 Duck tour Seattle (6)
That house with the red roof was the one from the movie “Sleepless in Seattle”.
8-27 Duck tour Seattle (8)
Our tour guide had Owen go to the front and patrolled the water while the guide talked to us.

8-27 Duck tour Seattle (9)


8-29 Harbor Day at downtown Olympia (4)
Harbor Day at downtown Olympia.
8-29 Harbor Day at downtown Olympia (8)
I shall call him “mini me”.


8-29 Hike (2)
We went hiking and met a very friendly donkey.
from RR
Here we are stretching before the hike. I love Owen, my photo-bomber.

8-29 Hike (3)

8-29 Hike


Bed & Brkfst babysitting
Richard & I stayed at a B&B for one night. While away, Aunt Pauline babysat Owen. She built him a campfire, made him s’mores and they went on the roof of the trailer. They got to spend quality time together as did Richard & I.


8-26 Seattle with PBD (10)
It was nice seeing my sister.




Fearless in Seattle

To celebrate our 2-month anniversary being on the road, we are staying at an apartment vacation home for three nights. It’s located in Tacoma, 45 minutes away from downtown Seattle. We wanted to immerse ourselves in the city without having to drive all the way to our campsite in Olympia, which would be a 4-hour drive round trip. So we basically went on a vacation while on vacation… 

Here's Owen enjoying his quiet time.
Here’s Owen enjoying his quiet time.

This apartment we are staying at is a lovely 1 bedroom, 1 bath close to shops and parks. The owners have 3 little boys and the sound of them playing makes me feel right at home. I took advantage of the endless kitchen counter space and made my special meals. I made pasta, I baked pumpkin bread, I made apple-sauce and made meat lumpia for our friends.

8-2-14 Seattle with CC 002
Our friends Ashley G. and Chris. C. came over for dinner. Playing Carcassonne was dessert… which I won, by the way.
8-2-14 Seattle with CC 003
They are locals and they told us the best places to see and things to do while in the area.
8-2-14 Seattle with CC 004
Being silly… Find Owen!



Chris became our personal tour guide.
Chris became our personal tour guide.
He and Ashley knew where we could park our truck in downtown Seattle.
He and Ashley knew where we could park our truck in downtown Seattle. It wasn’t easy but we made it, thanks to Chris.
8-2-14 Seattle with CC 007
Chris knew the back way to our destination. It was nice to sit in the back and not be the navigator for the day.
8-2-14 Seattle with CC 006
Hats-off to Richard for surviving the drive.

8-2-14 Seattle with CC 047

8-2-14 Seattle with CC 016
Post Alley Gum Wall


8-2-14 Seattle with CC 014
We would have never found this on our own.
Post Alley
Whatever you do, don’t let your hair touch the wall of chewed gum…

8-2-14 Seattle with CC 008

8-2-14 Seattle with CC 025
Pike Place was fun!
8-2-14 Seattle with CC 010
We’re standing back watching the fish mongers throw fish at customers.
8-2-14 Seattle with CC 011
Owen wrinkled his nose the entire time. He said it smelled like the fish his Lolo cooks.
8-2-14 Seattle with CC 012
I elbowed myself in front of the crowd and took this picture. This area was packed with locals and tourists.
8-2-14 Seattle with CC 019
Fried food on display. We bought a basket of fries and munched on it while people-watching.
8-2-14 Seattle with CC 017
Sea of flowers. It balanced the smell of the fish market.

8-2-14 Seattle with CC 020

8-2-14 Seattle with CC 023
Watching cheese in the making.
8-2-14 Seattle with CC 027
We needed fresh air and our tour guide directed us to the Waterfront.
8-2-14 Seattle with CC 005
We watched people board the cruise ship.
8-2-14 Seattle with CC 029
Owen didn’t want to get on the Great Wheel. He says, the fries he ate would end up on his shoe if he did.
8-2-14 Seattle with CC 028
The walk and the weather was memorable and pleasant just as our friend was the entire tour.
8-2-14 Seattle with CC 045
This building intrigued me. Creepy yet fascinating…
8-2-14 Seattle with CC 044
The Naval Ship was scheduled to leave that afternoon. Men in white uniforms made my day brighter!
8-2-14 Seattle with CC 030
A few piers down, Chris took us to YE OLDE CURIOSITY SHOP. The coolest shop I’ve ever been in. Look closely to the left of the picture. Do you see what it’s the jar?
8-2-14 Seattle with CC 033
Metal art. It peaked Owen’s interest.
8-2-14 Seattle with CC 031
Uncle Sam thanking Chris for taking us there. Nice to meet you, too, he says.
8-2-14 Seattle with CC 040
Richard had no idea this picture was taken. He was staring at something across the street. It must have been good because look at the intense body language as opposed to my demeanor.
8-2-14 Seattle with CC 048
Chris took us to see the troll under the bridge. This is where they filmed part of the movie “10 Things I hate About you”.
8-2-14 Seattle with CC 052
Last stop- Chris & Ashley’s favorite local hang out. A park that overlooked the city.
8-2-14 Seattle with CC 051
You’ll never guess what the boys found in the water!! A shopping cart! Space Needle in the distance.
8-2-14 Seattle with CC 053
Marveling at the reflection of the water, creating lightning shapes.
What a wonderful day we had in Seattle.
What a wonderful day we had in Seattle.