These are a few of my favorite things… (today)

I was chatting with my sister Pauline an hour ago and she asked me “What was your favorite part of today?” I was writing back to her in paragraphs, rambling. I asked her if the 3 items I mentioned should be shared on my blog. I was concerned it may be too personal. She advised me to share, so here I go….

July 17, 2014

Tomorrow is Richard’s birthday and we are staying at the Towneplace Suite Marriott in Medford, OR for two nights. We specifically wanted a suite for the full kitchen. I needed the space to cook several meals that will last a week (hopefully two) as we make our way up northern Oregon next week.

My gift for Richard: home-cooked meals.

While in Medford, we plan to take advantage of the stores, an Asian grocery store to be exact. We’ll visit Barnes & Noble, visit local parks and check out their library. We’re also making a run to Walmart for any RV-needs.

So going back to naming my favorite part(s) of today…..

1. Having a feast at McGrath’s Fish House. As if we were celebrating my birthday, I ordered whatever my taste buds desired.  I had such a great dining experience. It’s been a while since I moaned with a fork in my mouth. I ordered a combination of prawn kebabs, crab cakes and salmon.

2. After our meal, we walked over to Harry & David. Back in California, we know them as “the small store inside the mall that sold popcorn and pears”. But here, it was a size of a Trader Joe’s . There was a section for wine, appetizers for entertaining, the sweet desserts and snacks and finally, the produce. It was one of my favorite part because when we were done picking up items here and there, Owen and I asked Richard to wait for us in the truck. We picked out a few things for his birthday and even had it custom gift-wrapped. Seeing Owen giggle in anticipation was priceless. He couldn’t wait for daddy to see it tomorrow.

Gifts for Richard: chocolate popcorn, pancake mix, chocolate-covered fruits, chocolate bars.
Gifts for Richard: chocolate popcorn, pancake mix, chocolate-covered fruits, chocolate bars.

3. When we got back to the hotel, the boys decided to go swimming and that’s when I put on my apron and put a bandana on my head. I was in counter-space heaven! I made Owen’s Mac-and-Cheese with broccoli and my chicken with mushroom sauce (made from scratch!). I loved being in my element. No TV to distract me, just me, my knife, my stove and the AC on full blast…


On that note: If I can ask anyone reading this to take a moment and be grateful for what you have- the amount of space you have in your kitchen, your bathroom, your privacy. Not that I ever took it for granted, but our (new) way of living now made me realize how easy it is to forget the luxury of space and privacy.

I went from a 3-bedroom house with a loft, 2.5 bath, two story house- to a travel trailer where my elbow hits the shower stall, where my kitchen has limited space and if I seek quiet time, it’d have to be outside somewhere where there’s mosquitoes and the heat.


I am grateful for: My best friend Melissa B. who reminds me that this is all temporary; to cherish the moments with Owen. My art friend Jenny P.  who reminds me that other people have less. My spiritual friend Lee Ann who coaches me along and tells me it’s ok to feel this way, that I will learn to adjust. She’s going through worse yet manages to bring out the positives. I am grateful for my friends who I remain in contact with on a daily/weekly basis for their constant support and encouraging comments on Facebook. A simple comment really makes a big difference in my day, so thank you (you know who you are).  And I’d like to thank the Academy for my sister Pauline, who’s been with me since day 1. (Cue music…)

The truth of  it all, this is my favorite part of today. Counting my blessings. For having Owen and Richard in my life, whether it be in a new-built house or a used-travel trailer. It’s a great life.




Last Week Recap


Last week was my ‘last week’ at work. We still had a lot to prepare before our departure and at the same time I had to work one more week. We ended up being out and about after work just about every evening. It is interesting how many little things need to be taken care of last minute, from donating some more items to getting a phone and a mifi (cellular internet access device). We managed to do all this and more.

Final good byes were said to co-workers, friends and family

It turns out that one more thing should have been done, but more about that later! Our final two days at East Shores RV Park were still not completely quiet, but there was some time to relax every once in a while, like when we were doing laundry and we were waiting for the washers or dryers to finish. We did walk a bit around the lake and that was nice. Next time I want to find some time to ride my bike around and explore some more. Things should get quieter soon, at least that is what we are telling ourselves.

Saying Good bye

imageJune 2, 2014

This has been the most exhausting and most exhilarating 3 days. We’ve been packing, loading and unloading. I just know I am going to be sore! What I can tell you is this: my heart is soaring because of the love and support from friends and neighbors.

Not all are pictured but all have been helping us out along the way mentally and physically. They made it easier for us. We’re lucky to have these friends and we’ll miss them.

We are packed and ready. Richard & I are just doing last minute organizing. Owen is playing with friends down the street. I’m dying to take a long shower in my bathroom for the last time.

See you all in San Dimas!