Laundry Day on Father’s Day?!



Last Week Recap


Last week was my ‘last week’ at work. We still had a lot to prepare before our departure and at the same time I had to work one more week. We ended up being out and about after work just about every evening. It is interesting how many little things need to be taken care of last minute, from donating some more items to getting a phone and a mifi (cellular internet access device). We managed to do all this and more.

Final good byes were said to co-workers, friends and family

It turns out that one more thing should have been done, but more about that later! Our final two days at East Shores RV Park were still not completely quiet, but there was some time to relax every once in a while, like when we were doing laundry and we were waiting for the washers or dryers to finish. We did walk a bit around the lake and that was nice. Next time I want to find some time to ride my bike around and explore some more. Things should get quieter soon, at least that is what we are telling ourselves.