Sister in tow

During the week of August 26-30, 2014, my sister Pauline of Aliso Viejo, CA came to see us.

8-26 Seattle with PBD (1)
We stayed overnight at the Marriott. As you can see, we had a room with a view and dancing with joy.
8-26 Seattle with PBD (2)
Sister time, lunch time. Enjoying chowder and company.
8-26 Seattle with PBD (5)
I’m not sure if they sell fish here….
8-26 Seattle with PBD (6)
Exhibit A: Gum
8-26 Seattle with PBD (7)
Chew, chew, chew. Ready to launch.
8-26 Seattle with PBD (8)
Free space spotted!
8-26 Seattle with PBD (9)
She left a piece of her at Gum Alley. (I was grossed out the entire time. Gagging.)
8-27 Biscuit lunch Seattle (1)
We ate at a restaurant that mainly served biscuit. We were seated overlooking the bakery downstairs.
8-27 Biscuit lunch Seattle (2)
While waiting for our order, we watched staff stir, pour, knead and bake. It was very entertaining.
8-27 Biscuit lunch Seattle (10)
Owen’s biscuit and gravy.
8-27 Biscuit lunch Seattle (11)
My sister ordered fried chicken, fried egg over biscuit and gravy. You can’t see it, but it’s on a clear plate.
8-27 Duck tour Seattle (12)
We went on a city tour. This bus went on land and water. A bonus for Owen!


8-27 Duck tour Seattle (4)
I’m afraid of water and being on this lake had me worried.
8-27 Duck tour Seattle (5)
Seattle is something else…
8-27 Duck tour Seattle (6)
That house with the red roof was the one from the movie “Sleepless in Seattle”.
8-27 Duck tour Seattle (8)
Our tour guide had Owen go to the front and patrolled the water while the guide talked to us.

8-27 Duck tour Seattle (9)


8-29 Harbor Day at downtown Olympia (4)
Harbor Day at downtown Olympia.
8-29 Harbor Day at downtown Olympia (8)
I shall call him “mini me”.


8-29 Hike (2)
We went hiking and met a very friendly donkey.
from RR
Here we are stretching before the hike. I love Owen, my photo-bomber.

8-29 Hike (3)

8-29 Hike


Bed & Brkfst babysitting
Richard & I stayed at a B&B for one night. While away, Aunt Pauline babysat Owen. She built him a campfire, made him s’mores and they went on the roof of the trailer. They got to spend quality time together as did Richard & I.


8-26 Seattle with PBD (10)
It was nice seeing my sister.