Questions & Answers

We get asked a lot of questions by friends, families and even strangers. Here are a few popular ones. (Revised January 2, 2018)

  • Why would you sell all your belongings, your house, your cars and leave California?

Just like any immigrants, we are seeking a better life.  We couldn’t find what we’re looking for in Southern California.  We wanted nature, trees, clean air and a fresh start. The material items we owned only held us back from wandering out of California.

  •  If you don’t find what you’re looking for, will you settle back in Southern California?

Southern California didn’t have what we’re looking for to live happily ever after. Our goal is to find a new home where we’ll be happy.

  •  What about work?

We have enough savings to survive two years; but as soon as we find a place to settle, we’ll find jobs we like. Pam  has experience in Teaching and Event Planning and Richard was a Telecom Director for Kaiser.

  •   What about school?

We’re taking Owen’s home-education on the go. The beauty of homeschooling is the freedom to travel and teach what we want, how we want and when. This adopted lifestyle will work well with our homeschooling. We want the best education for Owen and feel this is the right path. We’ll continue to follow the principles of Thomas Jefferson Education.  If you are curious, go to: 

We also belong to a local homeschool group. We attend meet ups and we go on educational trips with like minded (new) friends.

  • What will you do to keep yourselves busy?

We’re doing a lot of soul searching these past few weeks. Homeschooling keeps us busy and Pam has landed a great volunteer opportunity at a local family shelter. Richard finds trails and rides his bikes all over the place. We also play a lot of board games.  Add chores to that and we’ve got our hands full.

  •   Is there a way to know where you are on a weekly basis?

Close friends and family can see where we are through my personal face book page which I  update regularly.

  •  Will you be able to receive mail?

Yes. We signed up with traveling mailbox. We are always happy to hear from friends and family.






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