Oorlogs Museum, The Netherlands

I love history. I’m particularly fascinated with WW2 Germany. A friend of mine thinks I may have been a soldier in my past life. Perhaps. I absolutely loved going to this museum. Finding the war cemetery was icing on the cake.

The Overloon War Museum is the biggest WWII museum in The Netherland. Right here, the tank battle of Overloon unfolded in the autumn of 1944. The village of Overloon was totally devastated back then. In order to remember the casualties and victims of that episode the museum was founded in 1946, even before the village was rebuilt. Nowadays over 100,000 people visit the museum every year.

The first exhibition is about the occupation of The Netherlands from 1940 till 1945. The second large exhibition, contains over 150 military vehicles and artillery, both from allied forces and German.

In addition to these two main exhibitions there are several smaller presentations, of which the Battle at Overloon presentation is definitely worth a visit. A museum restaurant and a shop completes this museum, which can be found in the so called Liberty Park in Overloon.

Oorlogs Museum
Oorlogs Museum Address: Museumpark 1, 5825 AM Overloon, The Netherlands

Overlorn War Cemetery
Overlorn War Cemetery. A few headstones that moved me.

May 2015 War Cemetery (15)


Gouda, The Netherlands

How do you pronounce Gouda? We’re day 9 into our trip and I still struggle. I say “HOW-DA”.


Useful tips: make sure you call your bank to let them know you’re going abroad. I forgot to do this and our credit cards wouldn’t budge. Some shops no longer accept credit cards with a strip on it. But they will accept cash…

While we were here, we took the train to Amsterdam Central station and explored there.  We got on a boat tour and learned a lot about the city.image

Owen loved the canal boat tour ride because it didn’t involve walking. He couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the rows of bicycles. This is my second visit to Amsterdam. One thing I noticed is that this city isn’t children-friendly. Searching for restrooms are challenging. not only that but my little guy kept getting hit by purses as we crossed streets in crowds. At one point, I look over my shoulder, gripping his hand, I see his head bopping back and forth. But the hard part was yet to come. We experienced second hand smoke at every turn. Not. Fun.

Nevertheless, we came, we conquered. It was only a few hours of discomfort.