Picking up the Trailer

imageIt is very exciting picking up the trailer, except that we have been in the waiting room since 8:30 am. I was playing a puzzle game called UNBLOCK on my phone but my battery is dead now. It’s a game where you have to slide blocks out of the way to get the red block out. I like puzzle games. I’m watching relay race on tv with my dad. I want to try pole jumping someday. I hope we will be done soon. I’m getting tired of waiting and there’s nothing else to do.


April 29, 2014 Tuesday
written by Pam

Yesterday we went back to Giant RV and finalized the paper works. We also did a complete walk-through. They taught us the basic on how things work inside and out. They  gave us useful tips. We recorded it on video so we have verbal instructions on hand at all times.

Luckily, Owen came equipped with a bag of snacks and water. We were there for 3 hours. We asked detailed questions and asked them to show us how to do specific things like how-to work the plumbing line for emptying. It was a lot of information. Intimidating at first.

Since we don’t have a truck yet, we’ve arranged to have it stored on their lot. In the mean time, they are also helping us find a truck with a wholesaler who can give us a good price. Richard prefers a truck with a short bed considering our trailer is 35 ft long.

We’re meeting Bill C., the realtor on Wednesday and if the numbers look good, the house will be on the market. In the mean time, we’re taking advantage of the community yard sale we’re having this Saturday. We’ll be getting rid of some stuff that we don’t need (like boxes of children’s toys and books).