Favorite Things to my Favorite People

May 12, 2013 Monday

Written by Pam

This weekend, we had our second garage sale (by invitation only). Close friends came over and helped us out tremendously by taking a lot of things off our hands. I was pleased to see my favorite things going into the right hands. From art works to favorite books.

Our couch and sofa went to my high school best friend Beth. My cake stand went to my good friend Summer,  my favorite wall painting to my sister and my favorite art piece to Stephanie Oritz who has a little girl who will admire my work on her bedroom wall.

For Mother’s Day, I didn’t get breakfast in bed but Richard went all the way to Newport Beach and picked up a generator. I can’t really complain now, can I?

Today, we had our house appraised. One hour later, a home inspection. The home inspector tells me our house is very clean and this makes my day. I like being complimented for my neatness and organizational skills.



Let It Go

May 7, 2014 Wednesay

written by Pam


I’m finding good homes for my well-loved furniture, personal belongings, etc.

Yesterday we test-drove a truck, was pleased with it and purchased it. I’m happy to say our  vehicles are going to deserving families, as opposed to trading it in or ending up with strangers.

To us, it’s not about the money. Yes, sure the money will help tremendously but giving or selling our things to people who need it and will take care of it is what matters the most. It’s even a bonus if I know them personally. This gives us greater joy.

We were up all night making a list of which kitchen (small) items we’ll take with us. A few made the cut. We’re saying good bye to a few luxury item and passing it on to friends.

Letting go of our things little by little feels like weight being lifted off our shoulders.

Letting Go quote

Staying Sane…

May 7, 2014 Wednesday

written by Pam

It’s been such an eventful week. It’s crazy and hectic. It’s time consuming but I can handle it… But sometimes I go on panic mode when I feel overwhelmed. Richard, like any man, needs direction on how to ease my anxiety. When he’s sitting back with his feet up, ipad on his lap, I give him things to do, like search for the best places to camp along Oregon and Alaska. He does that willingly.

It’s Wednesday but my mind is already three days ahead. I’m meeting with my close best friends for lunch or dinner. I look forward to them because I can relax, eat, receive plenty of love and support. My first meal was breakfast at Eastvale with my friend Margaret Waldron. We’ve known each other for 6 years and her grandson is Owen’s friend and penpal.