Our Search for Meaning

Our nomadic lifestyle isn’t easy for family and friends to understand. It’s not easy to explain but I’ll tell you what we learned after living in Olympia, WA for about 1 yr and a half.

We learned from the past several years that every year, Richard & I are constantly looking for something deeper to enrich our spiritual lives. We are seekers, you could say.

This year, we didn’t realize we were seeking nature until we looked at our 2015 family photo book. Every family outing involved nature walks/hiking. My Instagram pictures is filled with greenery. Green trees, yellow, red, brown, you get the picture. Thinking back, we used to own this gigantic canvas print of a forest. Throughout our house in CA, there are framed art of forest green. We’ve always been nature people and wanted to live amongst the trees.

Wish granted.

We wanted it bad enough that it brought us to the Evergreen State. We lived it, breathed it and even hugged it. (We’ll continue to do so in CA.)

This brings us to our next chapter. I’m specifically looking for stability and maybe- just maybe- stay put where Owen can appreciate the normal life of having a permanent address.

This is what we’re looking for and now that we’ve told the universe our deepest wish, we’re ready to start working on it.

In conclusion, not everyone can uproot their family when the mood strikes. There’s nothing wrong with that. We’re just the type of family who lays down roots in places (& states) we love. Each family is different and mine is doing something out of the ordinary. Being brave, taking risks, living outside the box, going for our dreams and if it means packing up our teepee every year or two, then that’s who we are.

We are Nomads