This winter, we are grabbing the bull by his horn and living in our camper trailer. Last year, we hibernated in the comfort of a nice warm cave complete with cable and wifi. This time, we’re going to rough it and stay at the campground.

Richard’s job hunting isn’t going as well as planned. After we returned from our Netherlands Trip in June 2015, he jumped right in to finding a job. Four months later, he continues to search and submit applications locally as well as outside the state of WA.

Times were tough, I’ll admit. This mother hen clucked at the rooster non stop. My beak eventually got tired of poking. It wasn’t doing our coop any good. And we were affecting our male chick. This hen needed a break from her nest…


I took Owen to see other roosters, hens and chicks of all ages (family and friends) in California. We stayed with my parents for 1 month. He got to play with cousins and met two additional ones. He rekindled friendships and we got some sun. The heatwave killed us upon arrival in August but we survived it. Barely.

It was 8 months since we last saw friends and family. It was nice to receive so much hugs and eat home cooked meals. We didn’t get to see everyone on our list but we hope to see them on our next visit to California. I met and bonded with many hens from different farms (friends and family). I received plenty of support, an abundance of advice. It’s just what my chick and I needed… I packed all the light and love I received and called out to my chick and went home to my rooster all lonely in our coop.

As soon as we settled in our coop, we assessed our current situation. I decided to give my rooster a hand, or I should say a “wing”.

I found a teacher’s assistant position at a local daycare. It’s 10 minutes away from home and my work hours are noon to 7pm. Some of you may know, I’m a night owl. My creative monkeys come out to play in the late hours. I don’t typically fall asleep until 2 am. My work hours are perfect for me! I can hit the gym in the morning and go to work with energy. Upon accepting the position, the director informed me of the possibility of career advancement as a pre school teacher. Something to look forward to…. I start Wednesday.

In the mean time, Richard will continue job searching and homeschool Owen. Having this job will keep us financially afloat and allow me to play with other chicks during the day and get paid for it. RV-living won’t be so tough after all. Every time I come home, it’ll feel like we’re on vacation! (At least that’s the way I look at it.)

It rained for two days straight and the sound of rain hitting our roof is rather nice (& loud!). In the forest, it gets really gloomy and dark. We’ve been making it a point to go into town daily. Running errands definitely helps with our cabin fever.

On the plus side, Owen found some chicks who are also RV-living. They are also homeschoolers. They play in the afternoon and ride their bicycle all over the campground. They feed and play with the farm animals. I always hear them laughing when they pass by with their bicycles.

Being at work, I know, will change the energy in our coop. Owen & Richard will get to spend some father & son time. Richard won’t be so burdened with job searching. And I will get to have children-interaction and earn income.

I am looking forward to flying over the cuckoo’s nest…



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We are Pam, Richard and Owen. It was three years ago when we embarked on this journey. We sold our house, cars and belongings. We said good bye to our jobs, friends and family. We purchased a travel trailer and had an adventure of a lifetime. We took homeschoolng to another level. Education on the go, our family was in tow and we explored the Pacific Northwest, Alaska and a little bit of Europe. We hope to inspire others looking for a dramatic change. Remember, not all who wander are lost. As of 2017, our trailer is tucked away and we are settled in Northern California.

2 thoughts on “GIVING MY ROOSTER A WING”

    1. Fowls gone wild…. I can write about that too in the marriage aspect…. Lol. Welcome back from Kauai! My rooster & I were supposed to go there for our honeymoon 15 yrs ago. (We settled for Santa Barbara instead.)


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