Meaningful Friendships


About a year ago, we embarked on this journey of traveling by trailer in search of a good home.

I (still) sharply remember getting very homesick. I missed my family and friends.

The brave act of selling everything we owned, including cars and house; was very new to me and I had doubts by day 3; but at the same time, I embraced the obstacles and dealt with it as best I could. We were following our hearts and letting go of our fears. We were looking for a better and happier life.

I remember meeting a woman and her dog as I walked along the shores of a lake at Bridgeport, CA. I felt so lonely and this earth-bound angel befriended me. We walked along the lake talking as if We were friends for years. She gave me all the love and reassurance I needed. After that, she was gone. Came and went, her mission accomplished.

Throughout the year during my travels, I lost communication with a friend or two. Long distance friendships aren’t for everybody and sadly I had to accept it and let go of them. It was hard to do. I kept hanging on to what we used to have.

On the bright side, I have a handful of close friends who stuck with me; checking up on me, texting and/or making me laugh from thousands of miles away. These are friends I send postcards and Holiday cards to. I am grateful they are in my life.

Losing some friends also meant gaining new ones. Not too long ago, Owen made a friend at spring camp. I connected with his friend’s mom and we became friends. She lifted me up spiritually when I was at my lowest. Needless to say, she came at a very good time in my life. Once again, at a time of sadness, an earth-bound angel appeared.

One thing I learned: When I was up in life, my friends got to know who I am. When I was down in life, I got to know who my friends are.

Owen & I are in California for a few days. We’ll be getting in touch with his old friends and rekindling friendships. As for me, I have one goal: to personally appreciate that friend who made a difference in my year of stressful and lonely moments. Friends who I consider my on-call personal earth-bound Angels.



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We are Pam, Richard and Owen. It was three years ago when we embarked on this journey. We sold our house, cars and belongings. We said good bye to our jobs, friends and family. We purchased a travel trailer and had an adventure of a lifetime. We took homeschoolng to another level. Education on the go, our family was in tow and we explored the Pacific Northwest, Alaska and a little bit of Europe. We hope to inspire others looking for a dramatic change. Remember, not all who wander are lost. As of 2017, our trailer is tucked away and we are settled in Northern California.

3 thoughts on “Meaningful Friendships”

  1. Owen will always be missed by McKenzie and Brooke. The three of them had many great times playing together. I enjoyed seeing yours and Owens smiling faces in the neighborhood and was very sorry to see you go, but excited for you and your adventure. I hope all of you find a spot to settle that will make everyone happy.

    Take Care,

    Tom Walker
    McKenzie’s Grandpa
    x-Philips x-ray guy 🙂
    909-644-1002 cell phone


  2. Hi Pam:  Your note was so beautiful.  Powerful message.  I received your text.  I hope I addressed the letter correctly.  I sent to address you had noted on last letter:  302 Washington St., 150-4841 San Diego, Ca. 92103.  I also included a letter to Owen from Ramon.  Are you in Ca. now? I do think of you and family often and hope you are all doing well. It is really hot!!  Over 100!  But, our air conditioning is a blessing. I, too, at times get my lows and I only talk to myself or when I walk it helps.  When I go to mass on Sundays, I kneel and pray and say another week will start and it will be better.  My problem is I worry too much.  But, I am thankful for everything in my life. You, Richard, and Owen are having a wonderful experience.  I hope you find a place that you can call home.  There will be bumps along the way–you can grow and learn from them. Take care, my friend Love, Margaret


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