Winter Plans

We have revised our winter plans. Originally, we were going to make our way down to New Mexico and stay there during winter; however, we’ve grown to love Washington and don’t want to leave yet.

We decided to hibernate for the time being. We want to see how the rain will affect us should we decide to make this our semi-permanent home state.


On that note: we found a house for rent here at Olympia, WA. It’s fully-furnished, 2 bdrm, 1 ba, 2-car garage and a backyard for Owen. There’s also a parking space for our travel trailer, in which Richard is very happy about.

There’s a biking trail nearby and this area we found is nothing but green. Our landlady is very kind and pleasant. We connected immediately upon meeting her. Marilynn Stephens from owns other properties in the downtown Olympia area. She has tenants like a legislator renting out her homes within walking distance from the Capitol.


We are confident our stay here in Olympia is a good move. We look forward to settling in for winter. It’s even better that we’re close to our friends in Tukwila and new friends we made here at our campsite.We check out of American Heritage Campground September 9 and we move into our rental the following day.  I’ll be posting our mailing address on our facebook page for friends and family. We love keeping in touch with all our friends, by the way. It truly makes a difference in our days.

Owen says he’s excited to: have a new room, explore the neighborhood, play in the rain in the backyard that has trees.

I’m looking forward to being in an open indoor space where I can stretch out my arms when I sleep; watch TV and home-educate Owen for longer sessions. But mostly, I am looking forward to having kitchen space where I can cook and bake like a top chef. Blueberry muffins, roasted root vegetables and pumpkin pies are on my top list.

It’ll also be great to have family/friends over from California. If you’re looking to experience Washington during winter and spring, let us know! We’ll welcome you with open arms, hot chai tea and fresh-baked goodies.


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We are Pam, Richard and Owen. It was three years ago when we embarked on this journey. We sold our house, cars and belongings. We said good bye to our jobs, friends and family. We purchased a travel trailer and had an adventure of a lifetime. We took homeschoolng to another level. Education on the go, our family was in tow and we explored the Pacific Northwest, Alaska and a little bit of Europe. We hope to inspire others looking for a dramatic change. Remember, not all who wander are lost. As of 2017, our trailer is tucked away and we are settled in Northern California.

One thought on “Winter Plans”

  1. Mmm…chai tea and freshly-baked pumpkin pies are two of my favorite things (and smells)! Terri and I’ve been talking about taking a road trip from CA to WA for years, and if you can handle the 5 of us, we’d love to accept the invitation to visit/stay with you, most likely during Miles’ and Sage’s winter/holiday break. Let me guess, you’re renting the Beacon Ave house. (It looks the nicest and has room for an RV) Cheers!

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