Our Last Day in Alaska



What we did on our last day…

1. We learned about the history of Anchorage.
8-5 Alaska 145

8-5 Alaska 144
The Oscar Anderson House Museum is a historical museum. The structure was built in 1915 by early Anchorage resident Oscar Anderson. Anderson claimed to be the 18th person to set foot on what is now Anchorage. The structure was the first wood-frame house in Anchorage.


2. Went on a walk along the coast.

8-5 Alaska 150

8-5 Alaska 148
Owen is a fan of Survivor. We bought him this buff and he’s been wearing it since.
8-5 Alaska 155
I packed two things: workout clothes and clean underwear. That’s all you need.

8-5 Alaska 157

8-5 Alaska 158
Owen & Richard spot a bald eagle.
8-5 Alaska 159
I don’t see anything… Where’s Waldo?
8-5 Alaska 161
I did spot the bunk where Desmond from LOST was hiding in. He was the man who had to push a button every X-minutes.

8-5 Alaska 160

8-5 Alaska 162

8-5 Alaska 163


3. Eat at our favorite restaurant in Alaska!

8-5 Alaska 173
Owned and operated by a Hawaiian Family. Affordable and yummy food!
8-5 Alaska 172
Brunch- veggie skillet with home fries and hollandaise sauce.


4. Drove around neighborhoods to see what houses looked like. (I like houses.)

8-5 Alaska 174

8-5 Alaska 175

8-5 Alaska 177

8-5 Alaska 176



5. Last minute-souvenir shopping at Downtown Anchorage.

8-5 Alaska 169
Guess what everyone is in line for? Reindeer Hotdogs.

8-5 Alaska 168



8-5 Alaska 178
We get to the airport early so Owen can read…
8-5 Alaska 179
Waiting for our plane to pull up.

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We are Pam, Richard and Owen. It was three years ago when we embarked on this journey. We sold our house, cars and belongings. We said good bye to our jobs, friends and family. We purchased a travel trailer and had an adventure of a lifetime. We took homeschoolng to another level. Education on the go, our family was in tow and we explored the Pacific Northwest, Alaska and a little bit of Europe. We hope to inspire others looking for a dramatic change. Remember, not all who wander are lost. As of 2017, our trailer is tucked away and we are settled in Northern California.

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