Picking up our trailer

Picking up our trailer

I am looking forward to driving our travel trailer home. Currently at giant rV having the hitch installed into our truck. First thing we’re doing is painting the interior and making it our own. I’ll be sharing before & after photos soon!


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We are Pam, Richard and Owen. It was three years ago when we embarked on this journey. We sold our house, cars and belongings. We said good bye to our jobs, friends and family. We purchased a travel trailer and had an adventure of a lifetime. We took homeschoolng to another level. Education on the go, our family was in tow and we explored the Pacific Northwest, Alaska and a little bit of Europe. We hope to inspire others looking for a dramatic change. Remember, not all who wander are lost. As of 2017, our trailer is tucked away and we are settled in Northern California.

5 thoughts on “Picking up our trailer”

  1. Congratulations! I’m finally up to date. So, Sam and I will be sending messages through your blog now? Is this correct? Does Owen have his page yet? ;o) I’m really excited for you.


    1. You can still write to him at our traveling mailbox but it will take 2 mos to get to us. We’ll still write back, promise!
      302 Washington St #150-4841
      San Diego CA 92103.


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