Coming home



Picking up the Trailer

imageIt is very exciting picking up the trailer, except that we have been in the waiting room since 8:30 am. I was playing a puzzle game called UNBLOCK on my phone but my battery is dead now. It’s a game where you have to slide blocks out of the way to get the red block out. I like puzzle games. I’m watching relay race on tv with my dad. I want to try pole jumping someday. I hope we will be done soon. I’m getting tired of waiting and there’s nothing else to do.

Tutorial Page

I added a Tutorial Page on my new hobby (paper quilling).


Little by little, I will add other subjects along the way (like how to master backing into a campsite with a 35 foot travel trailer). I’m optimistic.

Please stop by often. You’ll never know what you might learn during our adventure….

Suggestions are always welcome. Leave a reply and we’ll do our best.


Blessing in Disguise

May 26, 2014

Due to the Memorial Day Holiday, our escrow was delayed. Richard was devastated. He was ready to give his notice at work. I, on the other hand, was a little relieved. I had a few to-do wish list in mind and if we had moved out last weekend, I wouldn’t have been able to cross off items on my mental-list. Our house is somewhat empty and we no longer have a bed to sleep on, but the way we see it, no harm done. It’s inconvenient yes but it’s temporary. Patience and being able to adapt to speed bumps are one of our strengths.

In a way, the delay was a blessing in disguise.

1. Owen got to have a day with grandma. They had lunch at Olive Garden, had quiet time at Barnes & Noble, saw a movie and got to spend quality time. I was impressed. They did this on the Friday of Memorial Day Weekend.

2. Richard & I went on a lunch-movie date. After we ran errands, we rewarded ourselves with a movie and a meal.

3. I had more time to be with friends. I had Art Day with the girls  and even a goodbye pool party planned for this Friday. Owen had pool day with friends as well.

4. Owen also go to spend more time with his brotherly friend Jacob. My friend Eden took Owen off my hands while I sorted out my kitchen. The boys went to Star Wars Day at the local library.

5. Owen got to attend his pack meeting. He was presented his awards and said goodbye to his friends.

6. Most of all, I have a little more time to relax before the T-Day (pick up the Trailer Day). I’m doing more of my Art Abandonment project, packing a few more items, selling bits and pieces and really thinking about our trip up North.

Our realtor Bill is expecting to close escrow at the end of the week. Until then, we’re taking it easy…


Process of Elimination

May 22, 2014

The process of elimination part 8 continues tomorrow. We picked up a few boxes to put stuff we can’t bring with us in our travel trailer. Yesterday was a big day. We divided the garage in half. (see photo taken by Owen). The items we want to keep are on the left. The right side is semi empty because we had a heap of stuff picked up yesterday.

My friend Jorge has been with me throughout this elimination process. He has volunteered to take them off my hands. His church has yard sales and the proceeds benefit his community. Richard & I were immediately on board with this arrangement. Not because it was convenient (ok maybe a little) but because it will help his community.

Just like being at the grocery store, before check out, we’ll be going through the needs vs wants. In this case, only items that has a place inside will make it. ¬†Whatever is left, gets donated.


image image


May 18, 2014

In the words of Maria Carey: “Make It Happen”. What a journey this has been already, and we haven’t even left yet! Whirlwinds all around us. Pam and I have been working strong as a team. Many things needed to be taken care of and a lot of them have been done. Many surprises have come our way and they are being dealt with. (Like last-minute selling on craigslist.)

With great strides we are moving closer to our departure date. Pam is keeping us organized and on task. It sure is crunch time right now, but somehow we will get through and we will look back with a smile once we are on the road. For now I am intent on keeping focus and we will make it happen.