April 29, 2014 Tuesday
written by Pam

Yesterday we went back to Giant RV and finalized the paper works. We also did a complete walk-through. They taught us the basic on how things work inside and out. They  gave us useful tips. We recorded it on video so we have verbal instructions on hand at all times.

Luckily, Owen came equipped with a bag of snacks and water. We were there for 3 hours. We asked detailed questions and asked them to show us how to do specific things like how-to work the plumbing line for emptying. It was a lot of information. Intimidating at first.

Since we don’t have a truck yet, we’ve arranged to have it stored on their lot. In the mean time, they are also helping us find a truck with a wholesaler who can give us a good price. Richard prefers a truck with a short bed considering our trailer is 35 ft long.

We’re meeting Bill C., the realtor on Wednesday and if the numbers look good, the house will be on the market. In the mean time, we’re taking advantage of the community yard sale we’re having this Saturday. We’ll be getting rid of some stuff that we don’t need (like boxes of children’s toys and books).



Exploring Possibilities

April 27, 2014 Sunday
written by Pam

With no expectations, we went to an RV dealer to see our options. We ended up at Giant RV in Colton. We wanted to look at floor plans, get a feel of the size and space, our preferences, etc.

We were there for about 3.5 hours going from one travel trailer to 5th wheel trailers. Owen was wide-eyed going into each one. I was more skeptical but Richard remained open minded.

We were shown a 5th Wheeler bunk room. This had a small room that had a bunk bed-mattress. Owen loved it immediately but I wasn’t convinced because it looked lived-in and it didn’t feel right. But this led us to the right one.

I don’t know how many more we saw, but we narrowed down our preferences. We liked this specific layout where the bedroom was on one side of the trailer and a separate bunk house on the other. This bunk house was a good sized room with a TV, couch, closet and floor space for Owen. This was more like it.

The bathroom was a good size, compared to the strange ones we saw. This bathroom had the toilet, sink and shower. It had a spacious sitting area, kitchen and diner booth.

Richard noted that it was nice to have different spots to sit and hang out. We liked this one specifically because the interior was lighter, had more light coming in, well-taken care of by the previous owner, the awning was brand new and more importantly- it felt right.

Here’s the icing on the cake: we found out it was built 2007. It’s 7 yrs old and today happened to be the 27th. Our lucky number.

I forgot to mention that WE BOUGHT IT!


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April 26, 2014 Saturday
written by Richard

We spent about two hours talking about our deepest fears having a heart-to-heart and talking about our plan. Here are a few tentative dates we have decided on:

  • January or February 2015 we will put our house on the market
  • At this time we will look to purchase an RV or more likely a truck and trailer
  • Our tentative departure date is Spring 2015, March or April

We have come to realize that part of the reason for this endeavor is to eliminate the stress caused by owning a home and the friction it creates between us. We appreciate all that owning this home has taught us and we have come to realize that we need more flexibility in being able to move to other places without being tied down by a house.

Fears & Insecurities

April 26 Saturday

Our fears and insecurities created this big ball of negative energy last night. We were mean to each other. Pam said a lot, I said hardly anything. We were very upset with each other. The most important thing right now is for me to say sorry. Sorry honey!
I hope we can overcome this. It is hard to break through that barrier of resistance of living a safe and familiar life. In our case it seems to create conflict between the two of us. Pam is a planner so maybe we need to sit down and make some concrete plans so there is still a level of familiarity, but at the same time we are working towards our new goal.
What she wanted to hear was hard to say last night but I love her very much. I hope she comes home soon so I can say it to her in person.

Pam’s Note: Owen & I spent a day with my sister Donna and Abby at a Lemon Festival. It was nice to escape and take a break from this plan.

Owen’s concern

April 25, 2014 Friday

Email to Richard: Owen & I are slowly broadening our minds about our Spring 2015 move. He talked about letting go of our stuff and selling them. He was concerned about the twin mattress we’re planning to get. He wanted to know if we can bring it with us in the RV.

Richard’s reply: That is a really good question. Usually the beds are some sort of pull out type beds, which would naturally not accommodate a standard mattress. However, I have seen some travel trailers that at least have a standard queen size bed, and maybe if we look really hard we can find something that can accommodate standard mattresses. I would very much like to keep our (king size) mattress as well, although I have not seen any trailers or rvs with a king size bed yet. We will keep looking.

Seeking Inspiration

April 24, 2014 Thursday
written by Pam

We talked more about our plans. My first fear is letting go of our hard-earned material belongings. My secondary fear is what happens after the experience. We plan on being on the road 1.5 to 2 yrs. I was concerned with what will take place after, as far as how to settle down again, mostly the financial part. Leaving our “safe” life behind is the hard part but haven’t completely decided against the plan.

I need more convincing from Richard. I feel he is light years ahead of me with this plan. He is already thinking about what to bring with us. I’m still trying to gather motivation and inspiration. My style is different from Richard. He wants me to find the motivation on my own. He says he’s past that stage and can’t go back to motivate me. This upsets me and when I’m upset, I don’t want to pursue this plan.

Somehow we start talking about starting this blog. He gets on his mini pad and sets one up. We collaborated on the title of our blog. Strangely enough, this inspires me.